Pedro Diniz Reis
ALPHABET [POLISH] | 2005-2006
Single channel SD video; PAL (576i); 4:3; B&W; Stereo sound;
Runtime 15 minutes 00 seconds 14 frames

Dimensions: Variable
Exhibition copy format: DVD

Edition: 3 + 1 A.P.
The Alphabet series is a set of autonomous video installations with variable dimensions where the alphabet of a language (among others, Portuguese, English, Japanese, Russian) are shown in their written form in a darkened room and pronounced, either by a male or female voice. The video progresses along three postulates. “Data”, presents the elements that will be used, for instance, the 26 letters of the English Alphabet. These letters, both sign and sound, appear in alphabetical order and are arranged from left to right, top to bottom (this structure varies with each Alphabetic) revealing an invisible grid. In the second postulate, “Simple conjugations”: the first letter of the alphabet, for instance the letter “A”, conjugated with all the other letters, thus showing how the system works. In the third, the scientific, robotic manually constructed logic that is intrinsic to this work comes to full fruition. Here viewers experience a “Sequential circuit”, based on permutation, where the output depends on the order or timing of the input. The sound environment is geared towards generating hypnotic immersion. Letters become abstract, musical notes and the grid a mesmerizing musical score. In this video I used the modern Polish Alphabet currently in use in Poland.