Pedro Diniz Reis
GR 352-4 | 2007
Single channel HD video projection; PAL (1080i); 16:9; Color; Stereo sound;
Runtime 21 minutes 31 seconds 10 frames

Dimensions: Variable
Exhibition copy format: Blu-ray or HDD Media Player

Edition: 3 + 1 A.P.
The GR 352 series is a set of four autonomous video installations presenting four different Gerhard Richter color charts. In each of these works, the RGB values of each color is analyzed, the values are then assigned to three-note piano chords. Each color corresponds to a musical chord. The different colors are part of a grid, which lights up according to a sequence.
GR 352 not only reproduces the bewildering abundance and multiplicity of Gerhard Richter’s original color grids of the 1970s, but re-engages viewers in the artist’s lesson in color. This newfound rehearsal generates an unpredictable sixteen-piano concerto.