Pedro Diniz Reis
DICTIONARY | 2004-2010
Single channel video; Processing Application; B&W; Stereo sound;
Runtime 51 hours

Materials: 1 Apple Computer (OS X 10.6 or higher); 1 Monitor; 1 Amplifier; 2 Speakers;
Dimensions: Variable
Exhibition copy format: Computer Application

Edition: 3 + 1 A.P.
Dictionary (2004-2010) is a video installation that was first presented at at Culturgest Porto in 2010. The video has a duration of approximately 51 hours. It shows the Oxford English Dictionary (7th edition) displayed letter by letter. Dimension of the work varies according to the screen size and proportion. The letter sequence is generated through a program created specifically for it. The list of all the words in the dictionary is placed into a series of grids (screens). The grids are later presented one by one. The program loads the first grid and from that moment the application starts to show the letters sequentially one by one. First the A's then the B's until it reaches the Z's. After the last letter of the first grid is displayed, the application changes to the second grid and so on until it reaches the last one, when it does it restarts the process.
Processing programing: Fausto Fonseca.