Pedro Diniz Reis
Runtime approx. 25 minutes

Materials: Complete Drum Kit; 1 Roland RT-10K Trigger; 1 Roland RT-10S Trigger; 2 Roland RT-10T Triggers; 1 Roland TMC-6 Interface; 1 M-Audio UNO USB Interface; 1 Laptop computer; 1 Video Projector; Max / MSP / Jitter Patch;
Uma história contada por um baterista = A story told by a drummer was first presented, December 18th, 2008. Starring international Fetish model and Burlesque performer Eden Wells was performed by Portuguese drummer Sérgio Nascimento.
This work started a new group of works that evolved from previous projects that related color and sound, it enabled me to move from "edited video" to "performed video". This performance explores the relationship between video and sound (drums) through a interactive software created especially for the piece. Four triggers are placed on the drum (bass kick, snare drum and two tons) that are later connected to a midi convertor, the midi is latter sent to an application created in Max / MSP / Jitter that activates the video. The viewer sees a movie that is triggered by the drummer frame by frame. In silence the screen is black and to each stroke of the drummer one frame comes out. When the drummer plays slowly we get the feeling of a a very long slow motion, when played fast the movie gets close to its original speed. The original movie has about 3 minutes that extend to approximately 20 minutes. The duration is variable, it dependents on the speed of the drummer. This work creates a device that resembles the old moviolas in which the speed of the movie had a direct relationship to the speed given by the person rotating the well of the projector. The movie recalls the burlesque ambiance of Bettie Page 50's with a teasing that ends in a surprising way.

In loving memory of Bettie Page.
Director of Photography: Daniel Costa Neves.
Max / MSP / Jitter programing: André Sier.