Pedro Diniz Reis
O MEDO (3) | 2010

Materials: 1997 edition of Al Berto's Assirio & Alvin book "O Medo";
Dimensions (Closed book): 24 x 16 x 3,9 cm
Dimensions (Open book): 50 x 16 x 2,5 cm

Edition of 1
O Medo (3) = The Fear (3) (2010) is an object created for a tribute exhibition to Portuguese poet Al Berto. The work is a direct intervention on a copy his book O Medo = The Fear (this edition of the book is nicknamed "The Gothic edition"). All the characters of the text O Medo (3) was organised alphabetically (A-Z, num, punctuation). The organised characters were later composed into two pages that were printed in the two pages of the book that precedes the text.
Programing: Pedro Rodrigues