Pedro Diniz Reis
Runtime approx. 18 minutes

Materials: 1 Microphone; 1 Audio Interface; 1 Laptop; 1 Video Projector; Max / MSP / Jitter Patch;
あやつり人形 (Ayatsuri Ningyo) = Marionette was first presented, November 30th, 2013. Starring the Japanese performer and long time star member of the Tokyo SM underground world 月花 (Tsukika = the moon flower) and model ゆら (Yura) was performed by Portuguese soprano Sara Belo. The video was shoot at MK Studio, Tokyo. A microphone is used to capture the sound that will trigger the opacity of the video creating a relationship between the sound volume and the video luminosity. A program was made in Max / MSP / Jitter to create this interaction.
Director of Photography: Daniel Costa Neves.