Pedro Diniz Reis
WAITING FOR | 2009-2015
Variable channel audio installation; Stereo sound;
Runtime 71 hours 44 minutes 39 seconds

Materials: 1 media player or blu-ray player; Sound splitters; Powered Speakers (variable);
Dimensions: Variable
Exhibition copy format: Blu-ray or HDD Media Player

Edition: 3 + 1 A.P.
Waiting for (2009-    ) is a work in progress audio installation with different possible displays, its adapted to the space where its showed. This piece appropriates audio from the TV Show "Castle" and it will only be finished when the show ends. Right now it contains the six seasons that are completed (season seven is still on air), therefore the duration is temporary of approximately 72h. Main character of the show is detective Kate Beckett. The work plays all the episodes sequentially in real time, in silence, every time the name Beckett appears in the episode the viewer can listen to it. It only happens for a brief seconds at a time so its possible that a person walks the space of the exhibition without ever listen to it.