Pedro Diniz Reis
CUPCAKE | 2010-2011
Runtime approx. 16 minutes

Materials: 1 Guitar; 1 Guitar Amplifier; 1 Roland GK-3 Midi Pickup; 1 Roland GI-20 GK-Midi Interface; 1 M-Audio UNO USB Interface; 1 Laptop; 1 Video Projector; Max / MSP / Jitter Patch;
Cupcake was presented, December 3rd, 2011. Starring Burlesque dancer Bastet Figueiredo Cabeleira was performed by the legendary guitarist João Cabeleira from Portuguese band Xutos & Pontapés.
The guitar uses a midi pickup to trigger the opacity of the video while the audience listens to the sound coming from the amplifier. A program was made to create this interaction between the guitarist and the video.

In loving memory of Lili St. Cyr.
Director of Photography: Daniel Costa Neves.