Pedro Diniz Reis
CLAIREBEAR | 2009-2011
Runtime approx. 20 minutes

Materials: 1 Bass Guitar; 1 Bass Amplifier; 1 Roland GK-3b Midi pickup; 1 Roland GI-20 GK-Midi Interface; 1 M-Audio UNO USB Interface; 1 Laptop; 1 Video Projector; Max / MSP / Jitter Patch;
Clairebear was presented, November 26th, 2011. Starring Portuguese actress Cristina Basílio was performed by Portuguese bass player Pedro Gonçalves.
The bass uses a midi pickup to trigger the video while the audience listens to the sound coming from the amplifier. A program was made to create three types of interaction between the bass player and the video, fast notes, slow notes and ghost notes.

Tribute to Burlesque dancer Tempest Storm.
Director of Photography: Daniel Costa Neves.