Pedro Diniz Reis
EUNICE | 2011
Eight channel audio installation; Processing and MAX / MSP applications; Octophonic sound;
Runtime 14 hours

Materials: 1 Apple Computer (OS X 10.6 or higher); 1 Audio Interface; 8 Powered Speakers;
Dimensions: Variable
Exhibition copy format: Computer Applications

Edition: 3 + 1 A.P.
Eunice (2011) its an audio installation for eight speakers, it has a duration of approximately 14 hours.
This sound piece is made of the five types of A's that exist in the Portuguese language (a á à ã â). It was recorded by the amazing Portuguese actress Eunice Muñoz. The work builds from O livro dos AA = The Book of A's (2011). The eight columns existing in the book layout have a straightforward relationship with the physical speakers. Column #1 of the book corresponds to the first speaker in the room, the line of speakers is distributed horizontally on the wall spreader apart in order to create a wide pan experience.
All the A's are read in a direct relation to the book. This project uses programming, Max / MSP and Processing.
Photography: Mário Valente.